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Devin Pruden

A true born and raised Angeleno, Devin Pruden was birthed into his true musical identity in high school. An inner fire was lit after receiving a loaned drum set from his band director. Since then, Devin has been focused on learning from the many masters that have come before him and adopting elements from all styles of music. Devin is an alumnus of CSUDH where he earned a BA in music performance with emphasis in percussion. There he studied with Mr. Joseph Mitchell, and Dr. Stephen Moore. Devin Pruden’s sound is continuing to blossom and will be a strong force. He can currently be seen playing with various acts including The Urban Renewal Project, Valeree, Bootleg Orchestra, and Rudy Touzet. Devin is also a strong believer in passing down any knowledge he can. “You can’t take it with you, so you must put it in the right hands”.

Devin teaches: Drums & Piano.

Pablo Gracia Quesada

Pablo first picked up the guitar at the age of 13, and while still in high school, earned a certificate in guitar performance online from Berklee School of Music and could be seen performing in the pit orchestra for numerous local theater productions and wherever else they would let him. Pablo attended Cornell University, studying both Computer Science and Music, where he dove deep into the jazz program where he left a lasting impression through his arranging work becoming a part of the standard repertoire of the Cornell University Jazz Ensemble. Upon graduation, Pablo picked up the bass guitar and studied the art of making studio recordings once again with the help of Berklee Music Online. Nowadays, Pablo stays busy sharing his love of music with his students, performing around the LA area in various settings, and working with independent artists to arrange and record original music.

Pablo teaches: Guitar, Bass, Piano.