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Maurock Music Academy

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Discover the ideal Music Academy in Gardena! At our academy, we take pride in providing exceptional private music lessons in a wide range of instruments. Our approach to music education is holistic, encompassing not only technical skills but also fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of music. Our accomplished music teachers have undergone extensive training, enabling them to create a personalized and effective learning environment that caters to each student's unique strengths and interests. Moreover, we strive to make music accessible to everyone by offering affordable musical instruments, sheet music, music gifts, and even expert musical instrument repair services. Our commitment is to ensure that students have all the necessary resources and support to embark on a fulfilling musical journey. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced musician, our Music Academy is dedicated to helping you achieve your musical aspirations. Join us, and let's embark on a musical adventure together!


Our academy innovates teaching style designed for all ages and levels. Maurock Music Academy will offer private instruction on Piano, Violin, Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Sax, Ukulele and Music Theory. Maurock Music Academy shares a vision and together, we can make big strides in keeping music in our children’s lives, give them tools they can use in all their future endeavors and inspire them to express themselves more freely and honestly.

Instrument Service

Need help with replacing guitar, violin, ukulele or bass strings? Do you want to set up your instrument? We are here to help!

Rehearsal Room

Need a space to practice your instrument, or sing your songs? MMA offers piano rehearsal rooms at affordable rates on an hourly basis. Do you teach? We have rooms equipped with upright pianos, amps, guitars, bass and drums (acoustic/Electric)

We offer affordable instruments and Deals every month!

We offer discounts on instruments, sheet and accessories for our students!