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Devin Pruden (Drums/Piano)

A true born and raised Angeleno, Devin was birthed into his true musical identity in high school. An inner fire was lit after receiving a loaned drum set from his band director. Since then, Devin has been focused on learning from the many masters that have come before him and adopting elements from all styles of music. 

Devin is an alumnus of CSUDH where he earned a BA in music performance with emphasis in percussion. There he studied with Mr. Joseph Mitchell, and Dr. Stephen Moore. Devin Pruden’s sound is continuing to blossom and will be a strong force. He can currently be seen playing with various acts including The Urban Renewal Project, Valeree, Bootleg Orchestra, and Rudy Touzet. Devin is also a strong believer in passing down any knowledge he can. “You can’t take it with you, so you must put it in the right hands”.

Oscar Leyva (Guitar/Piano)

Oscar is a talented musician and composer who has had a diverse musical journey. He spent his early childhood years in Brazil, where he was exposed to the rich and vibrant music culture of the country.

At the age of 14, Oscar began learning music and quickly discovered a passion for it. He dedicated his time during high school  learning various instruments and music theory, which eventually led him to study composition at Pasadena City College.

During his time at Pasadena City College, Oscar honed his skills in music theory, orchestration, composition, songwriting, classical and jazz guitar and classical piano. 

After graduating, Oscar began teaching private music lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. He has a patient and encouraging teaching style that helps his  students feel comfortable and confident as they learn.

Overall, Oscar’s diverse musical background and experiences have shaped his career as a musician and composer. He  is grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have led him to where he  is today and looks forward to what the future holds.

Darvin Aguilar (Bass/Piano/Guitar)

Darvin was born and raised in Hollywood, CA. He began playing bass guitar at sixteen. After graduating high school, he played in a variety of bands ranging from Death Metal to Progressive Metal. He then decided to pursue a music degree at El Camino College in Torrance, CA. There, he began his musical journey into the jazz and classical world picking up the double bass as his main instrument.

This led him to expand his horizons, playing in Jazz combos, Big Bands, Latin and Salsa groups, String Quartets, and even performing as Principal Bassist in an Orchestra. He has performed at many venues in Los Angeles including, The Lighthouse Café, The Study, The World Stage, The Grand Annex, Lido’s and many more. He is now completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance with an emphasis on Jazz Bass at CSUN.

Mauricio D. Ortiz (Guitar/Piano/Bass/Drums/Violin/Mandolin/Ukulele/Recording)

Mauricio, better known as Maurock, an accomplished Ecuadorian instrumental Rock Guitarist, Educator, Producer, Songwriter, and Multi-instrumentalist. He’s also the visionary behind Maurock Music Academy and Maurock Music Studio. With over a decade of diverse musical experience, his journey began at the prestigious Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, CA.

Maurock’s versatility shines through in various capacities:

  • Teaching: He excels in private and group music lessons, composition, performance, and digital audio production.

  • Session Player (Studio/Live): Maurock’s talents have graced both studio recordings and live performances, including touring experiences across the USA, Central America, and South America.

As a prolific artist, he unveiled the instrumental Rock EP “Magnetar” in 2014, followed by a string of singles in 2020, such as “El Gato Y El Vagabundo,” “Un Amor Asi,” “Only You,” and “Dime.” His production finesse has also significantly influenced the work of various artists, adding to his thriving solo career and collaborations with multiple bands.

With a soaring demand for lessons with Maurock, ensure you secure your spot on his waiting list. Don’t miss the golden opportunity to learn from this musical maestro.

Maurock Music

Takyra Moeller (Trumpet/Piano/Bass/Guitar/Drums/Ukulele)

Takyra is a musician from North Long Beach, California. She graduated from Long Beach City College with a degree in Jazz trumpet performance. In addition to the trumpet, Takyra plays guitar, bass, and drums, with a background in multiple genres such as Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, and Hip-Hop. 

Among her performance experience includes drumline, marching band, jazz combos, big bands, and local small rock/pop groups. When Takyra is not performing, she produces original music with an R&B and alternative Rock flare. She hopes to form a band and be able to tour, sharing her music with the world. Takyra hopes to become the musician her younger self would be proud of.

Christian Preciado (Guitar/Bass/Upright Bass/Piano/Drums)

Christian is a musician native to Southern California, he began playing guitar at the age of 14 and would eventually pick up playing bass, piano, and drums. He would later study jazz guitar at Cal State University Dominguez Hills under Julian Coryell. There, he would also become an up-and-coming bass player, with it becoming his secondary instrument playing as a hired musician and with various groups in the SoCal area.

He would also teach himself to play the upright bass while in University. This led to him studying Classical and Jazz on the upright bass under bassist Trevor Wear. Christian has spent the last few years playing in the SoCal area with different groups in various styles such as Jazz, Cumbia, Funk, Pop, and Rock.

His playing takes heavy influences from genres such as Jazz Fusion, Bebop, Progressive Rock, Neo-Soul, and different styles of metal. He also takes inspiration from interacting with musicians of different backgrounds such as Classical, Flamenco, Gypsy Jazz, & Blues. 

Maria Fernanda Valor (Vocal/Piano/Guitar)

Maria Fernanda is a talented singer and musician originally from Venezuela, who has found Los Angeles to be the perfect place to develop her skills as a musician and vocal coach. With years of teaching experience dating back to 2017, Maria has worked with students of all ages in three different countries: Venezuela, Colombia, and the United States.

In addition to her teaching career, Maria is also an accomplished performer. She recently participated in the Vocal Star Event 2022, where she competed for a spot as a professional singer. She has also won several awards for her performances, including first place in the UCAB Talent Show 2018 in her home country of Venezuela and a prize for singing at an event for the army in Colombia in 2019. In the United States, Maria has been auditioning for different shows.

Maria is a valued member of the Maurock Music Academy family and performs regularly as an artist on Santa Monica Pier. She is known for her patient, loyal, and friendly demeanor, and is dedicated to her work as a musician and vocal coach.

Mahane Kuwabara (Classical Piano)

Mahane is a solo pianist with a deep dedication to the world of classical piano music. With a notable academic background, Mahane has successfully completed all levels of the Certificate of Merit Evaluations, including the prestigious Panel level.

Furthermore, Mahane holds an Associate of Arts degree from El Camino College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at California State University, Long Beach.

Mahane boasts several years of experience, performing piano solos in various recitals and competitions. Beyond solo performances, Mahane has also ventured into the realm of piano duets and trios, showcasing versatility and musical prowess.

One of Mahane’s remarkable attributes is the ability to work with students spanning different age groups, from young children to young adults, all eager to embark on a fulfilling piano learning journey.

Mahane’s teaching expertise primarily revolves around piano, making them a valuable addition to our academy’s faculty.

Alan Perez (Guitar/Bass/Upright Bass/Piano/Sax/Ukulele)

Alan has been playing guitar for 17 years and has experience playing many different genres, though he has a preference for classical and rock/metal. He studies classical guitar at CSUDH under Dr. David Isaacs and is a Music Education major. He has also learned how to play other instruments through his studies such as bass, piano, alto saxophone, and more throughout his time at CSUDH.

Being a first-generation musician in his family, he constantly pushes to learn as much as he can and use that knowledge to create different approaches and different techniques to the same concept, a method reinforced by his pedagogical studies under Dr. Kathleen Janert. He believes in following the pace of the student in order to ensure the best education.

In his personal music career, Alan has been a part of several different bands over the years but returns to his Heavy Metal band, Render Me Insane. He finds the music theory he has learned in school to be an incredible counterpart to the complex nature of the songs he writes.

Above all else, Alan finds teaching to be an incredible journey and subscribes to the notion that “there’s always something for me to learn” and tries to create that excitement in his students.

Rob Cubillos (Guitar/Piano/Drums)

Rob recently graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills, with a dual major Bachelor of Arts degree: in Music Program with a jazz guitar performance emphasis and in the Digital Media Arts program with an emphasis in tools and techniques in digital media production. His Associate of Arts degree in Jazz Guitar Performance and

Contemporary Media is from El Camino College. He has worked with various L.A. bands, played local venues, and also recorded and toured with his progressive rock band, Phavian.

While he studied jazz guitar he is also well versed in straight-ahead rock-n-roll guitar, progressive rock guitar, and acoustic guitar. He is a well-qualified teacher who is able to instruct a variety of ages at different levels of experience and interest. He is also able to accommodate a variety of learning styles and student temperaments. Among his beginning, intermediate, and advanced students, Rob is known for being patient and encouraging.