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Maurock Music Academy

Private Music Lesson

Single music lesson tuition is $35 for one, 30 minute lesson.

Single music lesson tuition is $60 for one, 60 minute lesson.

Pay for Four Lessons and Save on Private Music Lessons!

The cost for a package of four 30-minute music lessons is $120, resulting in a savings of $20!

The cost for a package of four 60-minute music lessons is $220, resulting in a savings of $20!

Group Music Lessons

Music lessons for piano or guitar are priced at $150 per month, with one 60-minute lesson per week throughout the month.

Rock Band Live Concert Program

Rock Band Concert Program for ages 10 and up, featuring 120-minute sessions: $350 per month (for 5 weeks).

Registration Fee

New students are subject to a $20 registration fee, and any additional family members who enroll in lessons will receive a discounted registration fee of $10.

Reschedule Lessons

In the monthly deal, group music lessons cannot be rescheduled or canceled. However, private lessons can be rescheduled or canceled with at least 24 hours’ notice in advance. You can reach us during our regular business hours or utilize our 24-hour voicemail service at Tel. (424) 396-3347. Rescheduled lessons must be completed within a one-week period following the missed lesson date. Please note that we do not offer cash or credit refunds for music lessons, musical instruments, sheet music, or accessories. Instead, we provide store credit for lessons and items that remain in their original condition at the time of purchase.

Late Cancellation or Missed Lesson

Late cancellations or missed lessons will not be eligible for rescheduling. Maurock Music Academy strictly does not offer “make-up” lessons for any missed sessions under any circumstances. Please be aware that a student’s inability to attend a lesson does not exempt them from their tuition payment obligation.